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Barriere Search and Rescue is an volunteer organisation providing land search
and rescue services to the Police and public of British Columbia.

We provide our community
with Search and Rescue & Auto Extrication

Our Volunteers
Loves to play
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Barriere Search and Rescue Association

Who We Are

Barriere Search and Rescue Association (Barriere SAR) is a registered non-profit organization operating in the community of Barriere, British Columbia.


About us

Barriere Search & Rescues primary function is a community resource to assist the RCMP, the BC Ambulance Service, Thompson Nicola Regional District, The District of Barriere, and federal and provincial government agencies in ground search and rescue, highway rescue and civil emergency operations. Barriere SAR is part of the District of Barriere emergency services organization and stands ready to assist the community as needed.

Tasking Organizations

Barriere Search & Rescue has several different tasking agencies that can call them out for a search or a highway rescue. The main one to call them out is BC Ambulance Service.

The other main tasking agency is the RCMP. They will call BSAR out for searches, body recoveries or other civil emergencies like evacuations, flooding and sandbagging. Other tasking agencies that can call the team out are BC Coroner Service, BC Fire Department, Canadian Armed Forces/Coast Guard or Parks Canada.

Helping the community one event at a time....

- Gord Manson -

Become a Volunteer

Joing our local SAR team

We are always looking to recruit more volunteers with local knowledge. can be extremely helpful for a successful search.
Search and Rescue requires dedicated people who work with integrity, tenacity and commitment to find and assist the missing person.
The only requirement to be considered for operational membership is that you are aged between 18 and 70 and able to walk at least 8 kilometers in 2 hours.

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We meet twice a month at the Barriere SAR Headquarter located on Barriere Town Road next to the fire hall.

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